Dermatology procedures can enhance the appearance of the skin correcting shortcomings in the skin such as acne, scars and wrinkles injections in Kew. Dermatologists can also treat skin diseases that might not necessarily harmful, but it can affect or even disfiguring appearance. Here you will find useful information on cosmetic dermatology procedures and how they can help to achieve your aesthetic goals. Many factors can affect the quality, texture, skin tone and the appearance of the skin. Skin care specialists use the range of therapies and techniques to enhance and rejuvenate skin damaged by age, excessive exposure to the Sun, skin discoloration and skin-related diseases. Dermatologists, cosmetic doctors and surgeons treat all skin types and has experience in the correction of skin characterized by birthmarks, rosacea and broken blood vessels. Its purpose is to provide a more youthful, healthy and natural look. 

Face Lipofilling:
Loss of skin elasticity is a song by ageing, changes in metabolism lead in Exchange for the structure of the skin, decrease of the tonus of the muscles and soft tissues shrank. Print the sunken cheeks and sunken eyes could such transmission in the subcutaneous layer of the face. Traditionally used a surgical incision to restore the elasticity of the skin, all sorts of fillings and injections are used the event to lose volume of skin. The use of artificial intradermal fillers can lead to many problems and, in our opinion, there is no point. Lipoinjection alternative is a way to deal with the elasticity of the skin. The effectiveness of lipofiling has shown during the last few decades, therefore this method of treatment is very popular and safe by restoring facial volume loss. Fat is suctioned from the excess fatty areas of the body, how is performed under local anesthesia. The main disadvantage of this method is that not all transferred from the fat cells to be assimilated into a new area and you will notice a small volume lost during the first six weeks. After six weeks, lasting results because a lifetime. 

Neck Lift:
A neck lift is a set of procedures to improve the appearance of your neck. Procedures can include:  

  • Removal of excess skin  
  • Removal or modification of the muscles of the neck liposuction 
  • To fix problems with fullness or “band” through Botox injections 
  • Kybella injections to remove excess fat under the chin 

Rhinoplasty is a general term for a surgical procedure that allows patients to fix his nose size, shape and symmetry for a more balanced look. If you have cosmetic care of the nose, including nasal asymmetry, nasal hump or depression on the bridge, tip Rhinoplasty or nose big or wide, nasal expanded or fall can be a solution that is appropriate to their concerns.  

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure that focuses on functional problems in the nose, including the correction of a deviated septum or crooked. A deviated septum can be present from birth or may be the result of a nasal lesion. If you have difficulty breathing out of one or both of the nostrils or suffered physical trauma to the nose that has affected his ability to breathe, you may be a candidate for a septoplasty to correct her deviated septum and improve your breathing.