Dry mouth is a problem from which any people suffer. There are quite a lot of reasons for this; dry mouth is also accompanied by many other problems. Due to this people really feel problematic. In this blog we are going to talk about dry mouth and other problems that plague women who go through the menopausal phase. Like pregnancy, women also face hormonal changes during menopause. These changes affect oral health. There are a number of problems from which women suffer.

Burning mouth syndrome:

This problem is in reality a very unpleasant one. This causes irritating sensations in the mouth of the patient. There are many women out there who are sensitive to cold and hot things. They suffer from sensitivity. But women going through menopausal phase may become too much sensitive to these things. Even, they may feel the taste of everything to be a little odd. They will find foods sour or too peppery, salty, metallic and even bitter. The changes in the level of hormones can affect your mouth in a way that burning mouth sensation will make your mouth feel somewhat not normal. Usually the lips, front of the mouth, inside cheeks and tongues are affected. You may feel these parts to be tender, burning, scalding, hot and numb. Take help of your family dentist Parkdale to find solution to this problem.

Menopausal gingivostomatitis:

Menopausal gingivostomatitis results in inflamed gum stem. The gums easily bleed. These become shiny and the color of the gum can be deep red to pale. Good dental clinice has solution for this problem. There is nothing to worry about if you can detect this problem. Medications suggested by the doctor will give you relief from this problem.


It is the official name of the problem called dry mouth. Saliva does a lot of works. It controls the germs in our mouth and helps indigestion. It helps us to chew and swallow food. Lack of saliva causes dry mouth and it can even result in tooth decay. If you feel to be suffering from dry mouth, it is high time to go to the clinic.

The effect of osteoporosis: